April 4, 2016

.com domain registration spam

Today I'd like to share some information with users registering .com domains. Other TLDs may be affected as well, such as .net or .org (they're all managed by the same registry).

A few days ago I've registered a new .com domain which unlikely was in service at any time before the registration (I even checked with the archive.org time-back machine). Later that day, I received an email with subject "DOMAIN SERVICE NOTICE". It was sent by an third-party and asked me to subscribe a "service package". Two days later, I've got another email for the very same domain. It has not been used anywhere, so I guess the registration information is retrieved by an automated process. This is probably not allowed, especially not since it gives the impression that responding to such requests is required in order to use the domain.

Please do not reply to these emails. They generate additional cost and may publish your domain name to untrusted resources. Such behavior is not serious business, so please be careful with emails like these.

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